About Us

The Pedal Pushers Club is a brand for people who like riding bikes, plain and simple.  Sometimes we ride road bikes and wear spandex, other times we rock 3 speeds and flip-flops.  Basically, if it's got two wheels, we're probably into it (although I personally have been known to make the occasional recumbent dig).  The idea of the PPC is to make clothing that is fun to wear on and off the bike regardless of whether you are a hardcore roadie or an occasional commuter. This is the kind of club that doesn't believe in paying dues or care how long you have been riding, as long as you're here now. So check out our wares, and hopefully you'll find something you like.  



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e-mail: info@pedalpushersclub.com

phone: 202.642.1902


Po Box 93
Brunswick, MD 21716


Got something that's not right? Send it back and we will swap it out. Please exercise general common sense on this one, if you have washed it, worn it, or waited 2 months to return it, we might not be able to take it back.  When you send something back, please make sure to include the original packing slip if possible, or a note including your return address and what size/style you are looking for. All returns should be processed within 3-5 days of receipt.

International Orders:

We happily ship orders to almost any international destination (axis of evil countries excluded) via first class international mail.  Unfortunately there is no tracking service available for these orders, and while most are delivered within 10-12 days, occasionally orders may take up to 30 days for delivery.   We are unable to declare a package lost until 30 days after it leaves the US. 



We will not give, sell, trade or transmit your info to anyone no matter what. If you order from us, we might send you the occasional email, but if it gets annoying just ask us to stop and we will apologize profusely.