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We Finally Sold Out! March 31 2017

In a move that makes pretty darn good sense, we're proud to announce that
Pedal Pushers Club will be joining the Walz Caps family this month. What's that mean for you? Lots! We'll be looking to offer an array of awesome new bike t-shirts this season, we're adding a batch of the famous Walz Map Caps to the Pedal Pushers site, AND we're offering a 20% Discount on ALL ORDERS at through 05/01. Just use Discount Code 'PedalPusher' at checkout.

We love making great cycling t-shirts for you all and sincerely thank you for your continued support! In the meantime, take a few minutes to visit and find out why so many cycling enthusiasts won't settle for anything less than the true 'Classic American Cap.'

Drunk Cyclist Gear Now Available June 08 2016

We've been fans of Drunk Cyclist for quite some time and were lucky enough to hook up with them for their first tech tee. Now we are upping the ante and offering the full range of their merch all in one place. Check it out if you get a chance, including the new version 3.2 tech tee with a small zip pocket in the back to carry essentials. 

Link is here: DC Gear

New Kits, New Socks May 11 2016

2016 pedal pushers jerseys
We are happy to announce the release of 6 new complete kits, made in the USA by Voler. All of the kits are available in choice of bibs or shorts and come in a wide range of sizes from XS-3XL.  For the month of May order any complete kit and get a free matching pair of socks from Defeet to finish the look. Just add the items to your cart, and when you go to checkout you will be prompted to pick your sock size and color. Manufactured by Defeet in North Carolina the socks come in 4 sizes to make sure that you are able to get them in exactly the right fit. See all the tech wear here: 2016 Jersey Collection

All of Our Cycling Jerseys On Sale February 10 2016

pedal pushers cycling jersey

Get a nice new kit for 2016 before you need it, and save 20% plus FREE shipping. All 7 of our kits are made in the USA by Voler. Each is available in size XS-XXXL, men's and women's, and shorts or bibs. So, yeah, lots of choices. 

We also have some new hat options. 2 new colors on the trucker hats, and finally a replacement for the super-popular houndstooth 'military' style cap. 

Christmas delivery schedule December 18 2015

From now until Dec. 23 we are shipping all domestic orders via Free USPS Priority mail to help get your gear to you on time. Order by noon and your package will ship the same day. Most US destinations are 2 days away but more rural destinations may take an additional day. Check out the map below


Lots of new stuff out now October 05 2015

We thought about teasing out the release of our Midsummer 2015 collection over a couple weeks, but taking the lead from Netflix decided to just let it all out at once. We decided to have a little fun with the designs, and I am super excited about how they all came out. Without further ado: 7 new designs are now available online and ready to ship. Check them out here: PedalPushers.Club

And in case just looking cool isn't incentive enough to stock up, buy any 2 shirts and get the third 50% off. That is 3 brand new, high quality Pedal Pushers t-shirts delivered to your door for the low-low price $60. To take advantage of this amazing limited time offer (good until Friday at midnight) use the coupon code "descuento!" at checkout. 

Now Offering Free Domestic Shipping May 29 2015

I am very happy to announce that we are now able to offer Free Domestic shipping on every order placed on the PedalPushers.Club website. This is a trial for now, but hopefully should become permanent later on in the summer. We have partnered with DHL eCommerce to be able to take advantage of great new domestic shipping rates.  We decided to pass that savings on the end consumer by absorbing all shipping costs. While DHL will be taking care of everything behind the scenes, final delivery and tracking will still be via the regular USPS.  This is still a new service for us, so we are testing the waters to make sure that delivery time and quality are unaffected. For most of the United States delivery time should be between 3-6 days. For those who need their orders sooner, we will still be offering flat-rate USPS Priority mail which reaches most of the US in 2 business days. (If you really live in the boonies it might be 3). 

To sum up: starting now, we are offering free shipping on all Pedal Pushers orders to all 50 states. Enjoy. 

New Women's Styles July 11 2014

It took us a while to get the message, but I think we are finally starting to understand: it's time for us to step up our game a little for the ladies. Over the next couple of months we are going to be adding some slightly more fashionable women's styles to the mix and here is our first effort. In stock and ready to ship, we now have 2 new raglans and 3 new triblend racer-back tank tops available here PedalPushers.Club

New Cheap Cheap International Shipping April 08 2014

If you don't live in 'merica, get ready for postal rates that will make you think you did. We are very happy to introduce new worldwide shipping rates that are pretty much equivalent to our domestic rates. In addition to new much lower prices (starting at $5/order to pretty much everywhere the US State Department allows), we will also have improved tracking and delivery times. How, you ask, is it possible to lower prices and improve service at the same time? Frankly, I have no idea, but we've been testing the new service for a few weeks and it seems to work pretty good. 

New Tech Tees Product Development January 22 2014

Activity is a-blazing here at the Pedal Pushers HQ. For better or worse, the 5 degree weather has forced me to bunker down inside and do some hard-core product planning for the rest of the year.  For quite some time I have been getting a lot of requests to make a good quality tech tee, for those riders who like the technical advantages of a performance fabric, but don't like the aesthetic disadvantages getting all lycraed out. Initially we had a lot of trouble finding either a garment we like enough to print on, or finding a factory that could make the relatively small quantities we would need without charging insane prices. On would think it would be pretty simple because the pattern is very straight-forward and there really isn't much sewing involved (usually one of the biggest costs of a garment). What I didn't realize going in is that with cycling jerseys, the sublimation ink is really the expensive part, and  so a tech tee usually costs almost as much as a jersyey

This is the Ride You Have Been Waiting For January 09 2014


It might be damn near impossible to remember the name (or even say it correctly), but the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo is an event you should probably mark down on your calendar if you are anywhere near the mid-Atlantic in April.  Boasting 10,000 feet of climbing over approximately 100 miles of mostly unpaved roads, this is the definition of a true mile by mile gravel-grinder. This year's ride (not sure if it is year 2 or 3) will also feature 2 shorter versions clocking in around 50 and 75 miles each.  While I haven't done the ride myself, the scenery is said to be pretty spectacular and its only a little over 2 hours outside of NYC.  The LLWH's scheduled date of April 13 means a big roll of the dice in terms of the weather, but in the spirit of toughness does not have a rain date. Regardless of the conditions, its going to go down in mid-April.  Think of it as extreme motivation for early-season training.


I am planning on at least doing the 75 miler and if I can get some serious time in the saddle before the ride might even shoot for the full century. I'm looking at this as a good challenge to force me into getting out earlier and more often than I normally would in the pre-spring months. This is not going to be an easy day in the saddle, but the hard ones are always the most fun. (no time here for further discussions on the inherent masochism of cycling).  Anyway, I would love to have some fellow Pedal Pushers to roll with, so if you are interested, please hit me up. We can even get you hooked up in a PPC kit.  


My advice is to check out the website and FAQs before you register, because as Founder/Organizer Pat Engleman says, "this ain't no charity ride."  Support and services are limited and while this isn't a race or a super-fast ride, it certainly doesn't sound like its for everyone.  

Registration for the ride is available at:  Its only $30, and participation is capped at 300 riders.


More info is at the event's website:

Pedal Pusher's Gift Cards Now Available November 14 2013

Got somebody  in your life that likes bikes, but not sure if he's a 'roadie' or into the 'fixed' scene. Well, we have a solution for you next time you need a gift for your favorite cyclist. The Pedal Pushers Gift certificate. Can be purchased in regular dollar denominations or for specific types of items including shipping, ie a t-shirt, a jersey, or even a full-kit. Gift cards are delivered via email with instructions that make them easy to redeem. Also, great for the last minute shopper as they can be delivered immediately anywhere on the planet.


You can get them here: Gift Cards

Urban Outfitters Selling Bicycle T-shirts October 30 2013

So this isn't exactly brand new news, but in case you are looking to get your hands on some Pedal Pushers city cycling shirts today (and not wait for that pesky USPS delivery) you may be in luck. Urban Outfitters is currently stocking our city bike shirts in the following cities:



•Washington DC


•Los Angeles

•San Francicso


•Canada (not sure exactly where, but I think most CA locations)


There more be some more locations coming soon, although I am not currently at liberty to disclose. We will also be debuting in the Black and Gold Sports Shop in New Orleans. They will be exclusively carrying the New Orleans bike shirt, bringing a whole new meaning to letting the good times roll. (get it, like roll on a bicycle). You can check them out here, although it may be a day or two before they are up for sale

New West Coast Bicycle Shirts October 25 2013

west coast bike shirts

The Pedal Pushers Club has always been kind of an East Coast-centric company. Being based in DC (or rather now, waaay outside of DC) our event schedule pretty much sticks to the I-95 corridor and therefore most of our 'destination' shirts feature cities in the Northeast. Its not that we don't love some spots out West, its just that unfortunately we don't get to get out there as often as we'd like.  To help even the score a little bit and satisfy some Left Coast Pedal Pushers, we have added 3 new city shirts featuring LA, Seattle, and San Francisco. All great bike towns, all great places to visit (and maybe even live, if you're into that kind of thing.)

These shirts are now available at Urban Outfitters in their respective cities as well as on our own site, here.  Also, if you want to check it out, we will also have shirts in Urban's Boston, Philly, NYC, DC and Canadian stores.

Go Ahead, Send Us a Ridiculous Email... June 11 2013

Here at the Pedal Pushers Club, we take customer service very seriously. Admittedly, selling t-shirts is not a particularly high stakes business but I really do try to provide the best customer service experience possible by interacting with individuals as friendly and respectfully as we can.  This is my business and I can't stress enough how much I want people to have warm fuzzy feelings inside when they think of the brand.  That being said, I'd like to think the company has a sense of humor too and if you send me a ridiculous email I will probably answer it accordingly, then post it on our website. 

date:  Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 7:23 PM

I visited your website and was disappointed to see that Big people must not ride bikes.  Your sizes only went up to XL.  I guess instead of riding I will go eat the left side of an all you can eat buffet.  I should make a tee that says to don't Bike to Work bike to A place to eat.   Ok just felt the need to be a bit of a cry baby.  Piece of Chicken.......Out

to:  Bill  <>
date:  Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 9:52 PM
subject:  Re: And then depression set in

Bill, thanks for the email (I think). The truth is that we would love to carry larger sizes but unfortunately we are hit with a pretty hefty (sorry, poor choice of words) surcharge for sizes larger than XL. As a small company we just aren't able to eat (and again) the difference in margins, but don't really like the idea of having to charge more for different sizes either.  Unfortunately, we are just left sandwiched (get it?) in the middle.   Lastly, by limiting the number of SKUs we have to inventory of the same style, we are able to add more new styles more frequently.

In all seriousness, we do plan to slowly phase in XXL because a lot of people wear them, but it is financially a little more difficult than one might assume. Additionally, we are launching a line of jerseys sometime this summer which will be available up to 3X. 

Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional feedback/concerns on the issue. The #1 mission of the PPC is to be accessible to all types of people who like to ride bikes, and do take the issue seriously.


to:  Brett Novick <>
date:  Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 10:01 PM
subject:  Re: And then depression set in

Excellent response.  It was not hard to swallow at all.

Its Bike to Work Month May 07 2013

While here at the PPC we tend to just refer to Bike to Work day as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc, for the rest of America May 17 is now National Bike to Work Day.  As such we wanted to do something to mark the occasion.  Generally speaking the only way we really know how to mark occasions around here is with booze or t-shirts. Unfortunately since the powers-that-be tend to frown on us mailing tall-boys of cheap American beer to fellow Pedal Pushers, we chose the latter option. Fortunately for you, the t-shirt came out pretty nice. Let your cubicle neighbor know how great it is to commute without ever being crowded into some form of steel box. Of course, our super-stylish t-shirt will allow you to declare you commuting superiority in the least self-righteous way possible.

Oh yeah, and in addition to looking sweet while congregating around the water cooler, buying one of these shirts will also help support the League of American Bicyclists. Each shirt sold will generate a $5 donation to the organization that has been working to make cycling better pretty much as long as there has been cycling. You can get the shirt here:


Thoughts on Lance, and "Defending Lance" October 15 2012

update: As you may have noticed the shirt is no longer available on the site. I think the post below will explain why. I really don't feel strongly enough about the topic to involve my business in such a divisive topic.  The Pedal Pushers Club is a company that values having fun on a bike, anything beyond that is just noise.  That being said, I will be selling remaining stock here: 

So here at the Pedal Pushers Club we have a "defend Lance" shirt that seems to be garnering a little more attention than seems appropriate. While generally speaking I (as a person) am pretty ambivalent about the whole Lance Armstrong controversy, as a business I figure it is worth explaining our position in light of the many many ridiculous emails we have received on the topic, as well as the 2 or 3 actually well thought-out and articulate messages. 

To the heart of the matter: yeah, I think we can all agree at this point that Lance was probably dirty when he was riding, and I think most people knew that even before the Usada report last week.  This isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff. That being said, there is some context to the doping, it isn't just a matter of him cheating and everyone else playing by the rules. Does it excuse the cheating because everyone else was doing it? Probably not, but I also don't think his actual doping is reason enough to vilify him in light of the fact that it was the norm of the day. (His behavior trying to defend his legacy might be another story, but that is a topic for someone else.)

So if you think he was dirty, why "defend" him?  As with everything, there is more to the story than just did he or didn't he?  First of all, there should be no doubt that Lance Armstrong has done a tremendous amount of good for both the sport of cycling and millions of people who were inspired by his story and the efforts of Livestrong. As a direct result of his efforts, cycling is more popular in the United States.  More people are riding bikes and more people are following Pro Cycling.  While there may be plenty of valid criticism concerning the management of Livestrong, it is hard for me to believe that the motivation behind it is anything but the result of Armstrong's genuine personal desire to do something to help people fight cancer. 

To keep it short, the point is that Armstrong is an enormous figure in cycling, and he carries a lot of really lousy baggage with him, but that is not his entire legacy. I think the fact that we have sold so many of these shirts is a testament to the fact that there is more value to his story than just a professional athlete that took performance enhancing drugs to get an edge.

Oh yeah, and it is just a t-shirt.  

Below is my favorite email exchange on the topic:

Brett Novick <>

Defend Lance T Shirt
4 messages

Thepink sugarmouse <> Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 1:45 AM

If you're selling Defence Lance T Shirts then you're a TWUNT!!!!
I'll just have to make sure that no one buys from your site and tell everyone that you are quite happy to worship a Drugs Baron. What a waste of time you are and how much bad reputation you're gonna get from such a stupid publicity stunt.
If they say All publicity is good publicity then watch out because you're gonna get it!!!!

Brett Novick <> Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:42 PM
To: Thepink sugarmouse <>

Thanks for the email. We take random unsigned criticism from the internet very seriously.  I am sorry to hear about your impending boycott, but since you have never actually purchased anything from us, I can't say you will be particularly missed. I am glad to hear however that you are using your time constructively. Please feel free to let me know if you would like to add any further anonymous commentary on how I should run my business. 

Brett Novick

[Quoted text hidden]
Clothing for people who like bikes

Thepink sugarmouse <> Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:37 AM

Piss off TWAT!!!
I'll make sure that your e mail is printed everywhere and get lots of people to boycott your site.
Trust me. It won't hurt me a bit


Brett Novick <> Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:44 AM
To: Thepink sugarmouse <>

Thank you again for taking the time to email us your concerns.  If your command of the English language is any indication of your boycott organizing skills, trust me, it won't hurt me much either. 

Kind regards,

Pedal Pushers Membership now available September 11 2012


Our rule for the "Club" since day one has always been simple: if you like riding a bike, you're in. But now we have created a way for the inner circle to come together and have increased access to the Pedal Pushers.  

Membership benefits include:

•Exclusive access to special limited edition items

•Early alerts to sales, deals, and special deals

•Free shipping for US and Canadian members or a $6/order shipping credit for overseas orders*

•Extra schwag included with orders

How to Join

You can join the club by purchasing one of our Membership t-shirts or hoodies, and you will receive one of our super-slick black membership cards with your individual member number. 

*Free shipping is offered through a personal coupon code, and may not be combined with other discount codes

Headed West July 12 2012

I seemed to have accidentally confused our "blog" with our "quarterly newsletter" and haven't updated the content in a little while.  The big news here however is our upcoming trip to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado Aug. 20-26.  In order to fit in with the locals we have created a whole collection of gear to take out West with us.

All of these goodies are available exclusively either at the race or via Kickstarter. We have created some really great rewards packages in exchange for your support. If you get a chance, please do take a look.  In addition to the Pro Race, we will also be exhibiting at the Gran Fondo in Vail the preceding weekend. If you happen to be out that way, come say hello.

Now at City Sports April 19 2012

So this has been a long time in the works, but I am happy to officially announce for the first time that The Pedal Pushers Club is now available in City Sports stores from Boston to DC!  For those of you not on the East Coast, everything is available on their website as well, including some styles so exclusive you can't even get them here.  We are very excited to be working with City Sports as they are kind of a big deal around here, truly catering to urban athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts. 

You can also read a fascinating interview with yours truly on their blog:

You can also visit one of their stores in person:

Boston, MA Washington, DC Baltimore, MD New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Providence, RI

New York City April 17 2012

We are taking the traveling road show to New York City for a few events over the next few weeks. In honor we have a few new NY themed shirts such as:

April 28-29: New Amsterdam Bicycle Show at the Skylight in Soho.
The New Am Show is going to be in its second year. Expect a lot of cool urban bikes and Euro commuter clothing. This event could really only take place in NY because it is such so geared towards commuters in fancy clothing.

May 2-5: Bike Expo New York(in conjunction with 5 Boro Ride)
Bike Expo New York  (BE NY) gives residents and visitors an unprecedented look at urban cycling against the backdrop of New York.  Presented by Eastern Mountain Sports, BE NY will feature vendors, live-performances, hands-on programming, bike gear giveaways and of course, free bicycle classes for both youth and adults!  This is a Free Event!  (it is also the site for packet pick-up for the 5 Boro ride)

May 18-19: NYC Bike Expo (in conjunction with NY Gran Fondo)
Expect all things Euro at the Gran Fondo NY packet pickup. 6,000 riders clad in Rapha.  Last year at the Philly Gran Fondo, we were sandwiched between Ferrari and Maserati just to give you an idea of what to expect. (although in all honesty I have no idea if the NY and Philly Gran Fondos are even affiliated with each other) 

Bike Swap Time February 07 2012

 This Sunday is the 15th annual Stop Swap and Save in Westminster MD.  We will be out there selling t-shirts as usual, although depending on how much rooting around in the warehouse I feel like doing, we may have an entire booth of super-discounted odds-and-ends.  For more information about the swap you can look here:  

This is one of the bigger swaps I have ever been to and definitely recommend making the drive if you are going to be around.

We're Headed Back To Boston November 17 2011

Our ancestral roots are taking us back to the SOWA Market's annual holiday gift/craft show in Boston. This is always a great event albeit a crowded one. Come say hello, we will have plenty of cool gift ideas and maybe some special B-town treats.

Click on the link above for all of the event details. It is December 10, I know that much

Giving Away a Rickshaw Zero Bag September 13 2011

We are holding a Fall Bicycle Picture Contest between now and October 1st for our photoblog at The best cycling themed picture submitted (judged by PPC staff) will win a brand new Rickshaw Zero messenger bag with a custom reflective bicycle on it.  And just as a little incentive to enter, everyone who sends in a picture will get an instant $10 off coupon code. Send pictures to and make sure to include your name and the location from the picture. Also, feel free to include any other info about the photo for us to post.

Contest ends October 1    

Levis Commuter Jean Tour Kicks Off August 09 2011

If you read the "bicycle-media" than you have already probaby heard about Levis new commuter jean that came out earlier this month.  It boasts cylcist-specific features like a reflective strip when you roll up the cuff, a U-lock holder, and nano-technology.  I have no idea what that last bit is, but it sounds pretty serious.  To Celebrate the launch of their new pants (trousers for our UK readers), Levis will be touring coast to coast holding launch parties and offering free bike mechanic-ing.  The first was in NYC last weekend, and they will hit Philly On Thursday and Friday. For more dates and information about the tour click here.   Why am i telling you this, you may ask?  Well, the Pedal Pushers Club will proudly be featuring some of new City-to-City collection alsong the way (you can probably guess which shirts will be sold in which cities).  If you get a chance you should definitely check out the tour when it rolls through your town. I will be at the Philadelphia event this Friday and all of the shirts are now for sale at 

We Want Your Bike Picts! June 23 2011

Look good in spandex? Want to show off photographic evidence of that new trick you mastered?  Send us a picture of you and your bike to be featured on our new cycling photography tumblr page:   Extra bonus points if you are sporting any of your PPC gear.  You can submit pictures to and get a $10 anything coupon code. There will be some extra giveaways and prizes for exceptional stuff.

Come To Jersey June 15 2011

 This weekend (june 18) we will be heading out to the New Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association's (JORBA) annual mountain bike festival, AKA JORBA Fest.  This is definitely one of the more fun events on the PPC world tour. Giant, Trek, and Jamis will all be there demo-ing bikes so you can go out and rock something way more expensive than you might actually ever buy. There will be the regular Fest activities as well including a pretty amazing raffle, BBQ, and some 16" bike racing. 

Be forewarned however, according to the website "Furred animals or pets must be held on a 6 foot leash".  

The website is here

Where: Allamuchy, NJ

Cost: $5 

Time: June 18, 9-5

More Women's Styles Added May 27 2011

Just a quick message, we just added the MTN shirt in a women's style. Same color combination as the men's but now in a more fitted cut.  

We also now have our Road, Ride DC, and Ride California shirts in women specific cuts. You can see them all together on the new women's page.  

$5 shipping: United Kingdom, Australia, NZ, Ireland April 26 2011

In our quest for global domination in the world of bicycle t-shirts we here at the Pedal Pushers Club have new lowered shipping rates to our international brethren.  $5 will now get you up to 2 shirts hand delivered (by a mailman) to the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canadia and New Zealand.  Do you live in a country not listed and want to get your homeland in on the action? Just send an email and we will set up your country and save your fellow citizens some shipping costs. 

New Stuff in the Pipeline March 28 2011


Our new fixie shirt is officially in the works after quite some time debating whether or not to print it. Seeing as that I have never even really ridden a fixed gear bicycle, I was worried that all the kids would laugh and call me a poseur.  But hey, a lot of you guys ride fixies, so who am I to deny you the right to strut your stuff.  It is available for preorder here.  

We have also added a women's road shirt in a wicked soft heather blend. Should be up on the website in a few days. We have switched over all of our women's stuff to Bella (style 6004) so hopefully it should fit actual women a little better. 

Lastly, we have some new top secret projects in the works the most exciting of which is a limited edition reflective messenger bag manufactured right here in the USA.  I can't divulge the brand yet, but I can assure you that it is going to be pretty awesome. There are also 2 more jerseys and a few t-shirts in the works. 

2011 Team Jerseys February 16 2011

After much anticipation, the 2011 Pedal Pushers Club team cycling jersey design is finally complete and on its way to the factory floor. Once we get the first sample finished we will put them up for presale for $50. With a year of experience making jerseys under our belt, the 2011 edition will be way nicer than last years.  We have switched to from Coolmax to Vapor for the material, which tends to be both lighter and wears better over time. Additionally, we have upgraded our sublimation inks allowing us to get deeper and richer colors. Finally, the we have added a rubber waistband inside the bottom of the to keep it from riding up.  

We are considering doing a matching run of shorts, so if you like what you see, let us know. Also, bibs or no bibs?  I personally happen to think they look ridiculous and have never worn them (as opposed to regular spandex shorts which are totally sensible looking), but I am told that serious cyclists prefer the bib.  

Lastly, if you are interested in learning more about our custom cycling jersey program, you can check here:  We are running a sprint special of 25 jerseys for $48 each. this comes out to $1200 including everything from setup through delivery.

We're Going Places January 19 2011

 So it is still pretty cold and dreary out there but the event schedule is starting to take shape. If like me Cabin Fever is starting to get the best of you,perhaps you should come out to the 14th Annual Stop Swap and Save in Westminster, Maryland. There are going to be more than 200 vendors buying, selling, and trading all things two-wheeled.  For more information, such as figuring out where exactly Westminster is located, go here:  (Sunday February 13th.)

If you are more into checking out the latest and greatest than digging through milk crates of old greasy bike-parts to find that perfect 1973 bendex shifter, perhaps you should come to the Philly Endurance Sports Expo.  (Feb 26 & 27).  More than 150 exhibitors including Trek, Fisher, Scott, and Specialized will be there showing off their 2011 line-ups. There will also be a lot of running, climbing, and other endurance sport manufacturers on hand. If you see us there, please come say hi and ask me why I don't have any Tri shirts. People love that question. For more info go here:

Welcome to the New Website November 29 2010

When looking for some feedback from a group of graphic designers a few weeks ago, I received more than one comment along the lines of  "yeah the shirts are great, buuuut the website, well that could use some attention..."  And so it is.  While owning a small business has taught me to be a jack of many trades, apparently HTML coding is not one of those things that I am quite up to snuff on yet. As such I have decided to abandon the previous homemade website in favor of this new slightly template-y but hopefully more functional edition.  No more links to nowhere, oddly contorted product photos, or other endearing programming quirks.  Today, the Pedal Pushers Club grows up a little in our general quest towards being a "real company", whatever that means.   

One year after introducing the brand things seem to be speeding up quite a bit lately. We have some big plans for 2011 including great new technical wear, a better Privateer sponsorship program (I promise Carlo), and a lot of miles for the one man street team attending any two-wheeled event that will have me (perhaps pending a new van).  

Please let me know what you think, and of course despite my multiple proof-reads, pointing out typos and other general inaccuracies is greatly appreciated (even if I grumble and curse when you point them out.)