New Tech Tees Product Development

Activity is a-blazing here at the Pedal Pushers HQ. For better or worse, the 5 degree weather has forced me to bunker down inside and do some hard-core product planning for the rest of the year.  For quite some time I have been getting a lot of requests to make a good quality tech tee, for those riders who like the technical advantages of a performance fabric, but don't like the aesthetic disadvantages getting all lycraed out. Initially we had a lot of trouble finding either a garment we like enough to print on, or finding a factory that could make the relatively small quantities we would need without charging insane prices. On would think it would be pretty simple because the pattern is very straight-forward and there really isn't much sewing involved (usually one of the biggest costs of a garment). What I didn't realize going in is that with cycling jerseys, the sublimation ink is really the expensive part, and  so a tech tee usually costs almost as much as a jersyey