Welcome to the New Website

When looking for some feedback from a group of graphic designers a few weeks ago, I received more than one comment along the lines of  "yeah the shirts are great, buuuut the website, well that could use some attention..."  And so it is.  While owning a small business has taught me to be a jack of many trades, apparently HTML coding is not one of those things that I am quite up to snuff on yet. As such I have decided to abandon the previous homemade website in favor of this new slightly template-y but hopefully more functional edition.  No more links to nowhere, oddly contorted product photos, or other endearing programming quirks.  Today, the Pedal Pushers Club grows up a little in our general quest towards being a "real company", whatever that means.   

One year after introducing the brand things seem to be speeding up quite a bit lately. We have some big plans for 2011 including great new technical wear, a better Privateer sponsorship program (I promise Carlo), and a lot of miles for the one man street team attending any two-wheeled event that will have me (perhaps pending a new van).  

Please let me know what you think, and of course despite my multiple proof-reads, pointing out typos and other general inaccuracies is greatly appreciated (even if I grumble and curse when you point them out.)