We're Going Places

 So it is still pretty cold and dreary out there but the event schedule is starting to take shape. If like me Cabin Fever is starting to get the best of you,perhaps you should come out to the 14th Annual Stop Swap and Save in Westminster, Maryland. There are going to be more than 200 vendors buying, selling, and trading all things two-wheeled.  For more information, such as figuring out where exactly Westminster is located, go here: http://www.stopswapandsave.com/index.html  (Sunday February 13th.)

If you are more into checking out the latest and greatest than digging through milk crates of old greasy bike-parts to find that perfect 1973 bendex shifter, perhaps you should come to the Philly Endurance Sports Expo.  (Feb 26 & 27).  More than 150 exhibitors including Trek, Fisher, Scott, and Specialized will be there showing off their 2011 line-ups. There will also be a lot of running, climbing, and other endurance sport manufacturers on hand. If you see us there, please come say hi and ask me why I don't have any Tri shirts. People love that question. For more info go here: http://endurancesportsexpo.com/