Its Bike to Work Month

While here at the PPC we tend to just refer to Bike to Work day as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc, for the rest of America May 17 is now National Bike to Work Day.  As such we wanted to do something to mark the occasion.  Generally speaking the only way we really know how to mark occasions around here is with booze or t-shirts. Unfortunately since the powers-that-be tend to frown on us mailing tall-boys of cheap American beer to fellow Pedal Pushers, we chose the latter option. Fortunately for you, the t-shirt came out pretty nice. Let your cubicle neighbor know how great it is to commute without ever being crowded into some form of steel box. Of course, our super-stylish t-shirt will allow you to declare you commuting superiority in the least self-righteous way possible.

Oh yeah, and in addition to looking sweet while congregating around the water cooler, buying one of these shirts will also help support the League of American Bicyclists. Each shirt sold will generate a $5 donation to the organization that has been working to make cycling better pretty much as long as there has been cycling. You can get the shirt here: