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New West Coast Bicycle Shirts

west coast bike shirts

The Pedal Pushers Club has always been kind of an East Coast-centric company. Being based in DC (or rather now, waaay outside of DC) our event schedule pretty much sticks to the I-95 corridor and therefore most of our 'destination' shirts feature cities in the Northeast. Its not that we don't love some spots out West, its just that unfortunately we don't get to get out there as often as we'd like.  To help even the score a little bit and satisfy some Left Coast Pedal Pushers, we have added 3 new city shirts featuring LA, Seattle, and San Francisco. All great bike towns, all great places to visit (and maybe even live, if you're into that kind of thing.)

These shirts are now available at Urban Outfitters in their respective cities as well as on our own site, here.  Also, if you want to check it out, we will also have shirts in Urban's Boston, Philly, NYC, DC and Canadian stores.