Terms & Returns

Customer Service:

Got a problem? Need some help? We are easy to get ahold of via any of the following options

e-mail: info (a-t) pedalpushersclub (d-o-t) com

phone: 202.642.1902


PO Box 93
Brunswick, MD 21716 


Got something that's not right? Send it back and we will swap it out or refund it. Please exercise general common sense on this one, if you have washed it, worn it, or otherwise tarnished it, we might not be able to take it back. All returns must be sent back within 14 days of receipt.  No more Christmas gift exchanges in March.



We will not give, sell, trade or transmit your info to anyone no matter what. If you order from us, we might send you the occasional email, but if it gets annoying just ask us to stop and we will apologize profusely.  

OFAC Countries

In the unlikely event that you live in a country currently under trade sanctions, you are out of luck if you are interested in getting one of our shirts. (the fine people at Visa/Mastercard wanted this to be explicitly clear on the website)